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“My husband and I have been aware of the Sybian for quite a while, and often enjoyed watching clips of women using it. We have often considered purchasing one, but was put off by the huge price tag. When my husband came across Sybian Pleasures and realised we could rent the Sybian for a fraction of the purchase price we jumped at the chance.
The process of renting the Sybian from Sybian pleasures was super easy and quick, and the customer service was excellent. A man named Chas dealt with our order very efficiently and professionally, and was incredibly helpful, explaining everything clearly and answering all of our many questions. He explained about all of the extra things you can order for rental along with the machine without being pushy at all.

Now, to the machine itself. As a sex and relationship therapist, I frequently advocate the use of sex toys, and I practice what I preach. I have amassed quite a large sex toy collection over the years and consider myself fairly knowledgeable and experienced in the arena of sex toys. Having said that, after my week with the Sybian, I don’t believe that the Sybian can be categorised as a ‘sex toy’. In my opinion, it is so much more than that. During my week using this machine, I came to see that there is a myriad of benefits to it, not least the sexual pleasure!
When the box arrived, I was super excited to use it straight away, but I made myself wait long enough to read the extensive manual. I suggest that anyone receiving this does the same. The length of the manual might seem intimidating, but it is actually really useful. The instructions for using the Sybian and the attachments themselves are really simple and only take up a couple of pages, the rest of the manual is taken up with lots of really helpful hints and tips about getting the best use out of it. Once I had read the manual, gotten ready and then had set up the machine (in the middle of the bed as suggested in the manual) we started to experiment with the attachments.

The rental came with a ‘medium attachment’, a ‘slipper’ (a small plastic wedge used to raise the level of the clitoral stimulation pad if needed) and a good size quality lube. We had also ordered an extra attachment called the G-Max, a sphere shaped insert that is specifically shaped to stimulate the G Spot. We started with the medium as it was smaller and I felt I needed to build up to the G-Max. lube is super important when using this machine, and I would urge anyone, regardless of the level of their natural lubrication, to use plenty of the stuff. When first lowering yourself onto the machine, take it slowly. Make sure both of the control switches are on the off position, and that your knees are level with your shoulders, on either side of the machine. I took a few minutes to get comfortable before allowing my husband to have the controls. As soon as he turned the controls on, even at the lowest setting, I was overcome with pleasure!

It took only a few short minutes on the low settings to bring me to my first mind blowing orgasm, and it didn’t stop there. I have always had trouble with multiple orgasms, exhausting myself trying to orgasm a second time usually only to lose it at the last second. With the Sybian however, my second and third orgasms came just minutes after the first, and I had no issues with over sensitivity between them. After 3 pretty incredible orgasms, I had a small break and pleasured my husband while he stood in front of me.
There are only a couple of positions you can do to pleasure your other half on the Sybian, but I found that they were enough to keep mixing it up. My husband would go from standing in front of me to laying down and with his legs around the machine while I gave him oral. Both of these positions were very comfortable for me and gave him plenty of room to caress me all over while also controlling the machine. Also, moving around a little when my husband changed positions gave me different types of stimulation.

That first night of using the machine I stuck to the medium insert and managed to get up to about two thirds power on both the rotation and vibration controls. It had been an incredible experience already. I had had 5 incredibly intense orgasms and I was exhausted. I slept better that night than I had done in years! My husband had an amazing time watching and controlling, and was not even disappointed that I was too tired for sex afterwards! That first night alone would have been enough to ensure I was s Sybian convert, but by the end of the week I was even more obsessed with the idea of owning one!

After the first night I changed to the G-Max insert, and I was so glad I did! The pleasure I felt with the medium attachment was awesome, but the G-Max was on another level completely! I have never experienced orgasms like I did with this attachment. For the first time in my life, I was having ‘blended’ orgasms, something I had read about but never managed to achieve. A blended orgasm is achieved when the right combination of both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation is applaied at the right speed and pressure. It sounds complicated and difficult to get right, and it is. That is, unless you are using the Sybian! I was able to achieve multiple blended orgasms along with a mixture of both clitoral and G-Spot orgasms pretty much constantly without having to try at all! After a couple of days I was able to have the machine on full blast and control the level and frequency of my orgasms, managing to maintain the height of the pleasure for minutes at a time. Also, the sex we were having between uses of the machine was amazing! My incredible orgasms were no longer only possible on the machine. After using the Sybian for a few minutes, and switching to sex. I could have multiple orgasms during sex, something which had been impossible for me until that point. I was in heaven! Every day I could not wait to get home to the Sybian, and my husband was the same. Our sex life had never been better or more satisfying, and we were feeling closer and being more intimate than ever before. On my fifth night on the Sybian, completely out of the blue, I did something I didn’t even know I could do. After about 30 minutes of intense pleasure, I felt an orgasm building. I told my husband to slowly increase the vibration as I leant forward and let him play with my breasts. Just as I was about to orgasm, he quickly turned it all the way down, then immediately back up again. At first I was impatient and told him to stop teasing me, but after a couple more times of him doing the same thing I felt something strange happen. Suddenly I felt like I needed to urinate badly, and thought I should get off the machine before I had an accident. Just then though, I remembered a part of the manual that said if I needed to pee, I should actually bear down on the machine and totally relax my muscles. I did as it suggested, and what followed was the most incredibly pleasurable experience of my life to date. My entire body spasmed and I squirted all over just as a huge orgasm tore through me, leaving me breathless and giggly for ages! My husband was amazed and we spent the rest of our time with the Sybian recreating that moment, until, by the last day, I was able to squirt without even using the machine.

All in all I had the most amazing week of my life. Not only was I having the best sex imaginable, but I was also noticing other, less obvious benefits to using the Sybian. Both me and my husband were sleeping better than we ever had before, waking up more energised and feeling fantastic. Also, I noticed an improvement in my mood and also my skin, proving that the more orgasms a woman has, the healthier and happier she is!

All week, my husband and I were learning new things about our bodies and our sexuality and sharing that experience with one another, making us a happier and more satisfied couple in the process. As a sex therapist, its my job to help people to learn and understand one anothers desires and wants, but it is not always as easy as it seems to open up to eaxh other. I genuinely believe that even a short time with the Sybian can help any couple to open up to each other sexually, and to learn to have the most satisfying sex lives possible. this machine is not only for the woman, but also the man. Watching me learn how to achieve these amazing orgasms helped my husband have multiple orgasms of his own, and has led to us having better sex.
I would highly recommend this machine to anyone, single or couple, young or old. I think it would be especially beneficial to any women who struggle to achieve orgasm through sex, and for anyone who wishes to increase the intensity and frequency of their orgasms. I also think that the Sybian can teach women to relax and retrain those muscles necessary for orgasm, much easier and quicker than any other method of doing so.

During that week I learnt so much about my body, and learnt to let my vaginal muscles do all the work for me, so even after sending it back, I am still experiencing incredible multiple orgasms through sex.

If you have any doubts about the Sybian having the power to do as it says it does, I would tell you to give it a go. Everyone deserves and is capable of sexual satisfaction, and believe me, satisfaction with the Sybian is guaranteed. My husband and I will absolutely be renting this machine again, and will be endeavouring to save up to buy our own. Now we have experienced exactly how life changing it is, we could not be without one!

Thank you Sybian Pleasures, for the greatest week of our life so far, and for making it so easy for me to experience the greatest invention of all time!!”

Mari July 2016

“Thank you for the offer of a great deal but Lisa was so impressed with the Sybian that she talked me into purchasing one so its available 24/7 for her.

Thanks again for the wonderful service, help, advice, and the product !” – Original Signed by Geoff ………. of Doncaster – 16 Feb 2012

Note: See also Geoff’s previous testimonial below dated 4 Jan 2012

“My husband and I have been in a relationship now for 30 years and saw an advert for the Sybian. After searching for information on the net and being amazed at the claims made for it we decided to give it a go.

The pleasure it gave me the first time was awesome and just got better and more intense every time I used it. The controls were very easy to use and put me in total control. Experimenting with the accessories that came with it and taking a little advice that came in the information pack also helped me to get more from the Sybian. I felt so deeply sensual and learned some hip movements I never thought were possible, which my husband told me on several occasions were beautiful to watch and very erotic. It was completely in my hands how long my enjoyment continued, and how long I stayed in this state of extreme excitement and sexual bliss. On one occasion my husband joined in with me which made it completely perfect and very erogenous, (oh and the massage I received in the process made my orgasm heavenly). Then my husband and I made love. Afterwards we both enjoyed a long cuddle and I was in heaven, completely relaxed, fulfilled and very happy. My husband didn’t become involved with my playtimes unless I asked him to and left me to be in complete control. He was perfectly happy to just watch me getting so much pleasure. In his own words: “If that is the result it produces, you can ride it as much and as long as you like”. I think every woman out there should be given the opportunity to try the Sybian. It is truly awesome. I would definitely hire it again, the only problem is how long to wait!!!

Of all the various toys we have tried the Sybian is the best – without a doubt the best, easiest and most comfortable to use.

We rented from Sybian Pleasures (www.sybianpleasures.co.uk) and found them to be helpful, courteous, everything was done discreetly and we will definitely rent from them again.” – Original Signed by Geoff and Lisa………. of Doncaster – 4 Jan 2012

I checked with the ladies who were lucky enough to ride the Sybian and although all found it an amazing orgasmic experience, none wanted to write a testimonial. They all loved it though. After recovering from their orgasms, one of the first reactions they had was “I want one of these.” The last to ride, Maria, using the large attachment actually got the unit to top speed with both vibration and rotation before coming. I lost track of how many times she yelled “f***” as she came. Maria said she was planning to have lunch the next day with her girlfriends and was going to tell them about it.” – Jan 2012

“We’ve been married 15 years and our sex life has always been fantastic, with my wife having amazing orgasms through oral sex… but she couldn’t come through vaginal intercourse and she was happy with the orgasms she got from cunnilingus, she wanted desperately to come when I had my penis inside her. We consulted many doctors and sex experts, who advised us to be happy with what we’d got – not much comfort for Janette, who was, after all, just trying to get the full satisfaction possible from sex – not an unreasonable request really! After much research we found the Sybian on the internet and decided there was nothing to lose – so we bought one for a Christmas present. Well, talk about incredible, the first time she used it she actually had to switch it off in a hurry, she was lubricating so much, the stimulation was so intense – she said she’d have exploded if she’d carried on! So we started again with the machine on a slower setting, and this time she worked her way up to a series of amazing orgasms – about ten, actually, which had her screaming in ecstasy, and then lying exhausted with a satisfied smile on her face. At the risk of sounding unbelievable, the truth is that she came and came and came – the juices from her vagina had never been so prolific, and the intensity of her orgasm was beyond anything we thought possible.

Janette now finds that she can reach G spot orgasm quickly and easily, prolong it for as long as she wants and then achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse when we make love afterwards. And the great thing is that the G spot orgasm is much more whole body centred than a clitoral orgasm – she says it’s like an electric charge running through her whole body, bringing her to the edge of ecstasy and rolling her onto even greater peaks. We achieved all we wanted with the Sybian – and more beside!


“My husband and I have been married for 10 years. Up till this year I had never had an orgasm. Sounds hard to believe! Well, think how I felt about it! The misery of knowing there was something I couldn’t reach – no matter what my husband or I did. And don’t think this was because there was a problem – I have no history of sexual abuse, and am normal, and my husband and I are very connected – but we just couldn’t get me to orgasm. Much as I liked having him ejaculate in me, I knew it was not enough for either of us.

Our sex life has always been very healthy, in the sense of closeness and togetherness. But it wasn’t enough, so after reading other testimonials, I finally went out and bought the Sybian – without him knowing! The first time I tried it, in private, it felt very sexy – it was actually like a liberation for me – finding my sexuality at last, and suddenly connecting with it in a big way! I didn’t orgasm the first time, and probably not even the third time I used it, but when I finally told my husband what I’d bought, he was very supportive and loving as always, and suggested we try it together. While I mounted the Sybian, he stroked and kissed me, and it was only a few minutes before I actually came! It’s now a part of every lovemaking and though he has expressed a little concern that I might love the Sybian more than him, there is no substitute for his penis inside me – the difference being that I can now orgasm through his attention to my clit, and if we position ourselves right, he can bring me off while we make love. This has changed my life so much, I just had no idea how great sex could be!

Thank you Sybian!”

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