Sybian FAQs


Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and health of our customers. Because of this we have adopted strict medical grade sanitizing processes to ensure our units are 100% safe between rentals. We do this by first applying a 10% bleach solution to all areas of the Sybian, the cord and controls. This solution is left on unit for 60 seconds to ensure its effectiveness. We then thoroughly rinse and wash everything with a solution including Forplay Adult Toy Cleanser with Nonoxyndol-9. The equipment is then bagged and stored until the next rental.

In addition, we feel it’s important to tell you that a very meticulous cleaning process is employed to ensure that our attachment(s) may be re-used – even without employing a condom – before being supplied as (a) RENTAL Item(s) again with an outbound Sybian Consignment. However, if the idea of renting an atachment that has been used previously is a concern (notwithstanding the most stringent sterilisation processes we employ) – you can of course BUY your own BRAND NEW attachment(s) from us and have YOUR OWN UNUSED PROPERTY supplied with your Sybian Consignment. If you BUY an attachment or attachments , you simply RETAIN the item(s) when you re-pack your consignment for collection at the end of your rental period.

If you are planning a Sybian Party, then we very strongly recommend that you ensure each woman or girl using the Sybian is provided with her own individual attachment (or set of attachments) – whether these are RENTED or BOUGHT. If you BUY one or more attachments, these remain yours to keep – ready for the next time you rent a Sybian consignment – or in case you decide to buy a unit.

HOWEVER, we MUST STRESS …… ALWAYS be meticulous about cleaning your attachment (s) after EACH occasion that you use them. And, with respect, that recommendation should apply not only to RENTED attachments but also to YOUR own BOUGHT attachments.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our cleaning processes and policies. Email us at:

Does it really do what it says it can?

YES! The Sybian will cause a response that is much greater than most women knew was possible. Given time, Sybian can take women to new heights of sexual gratification they had not even dreamt was possible. However, this is only possible if their mind is open to it and they look forward to using it. If their mind is closed and they are not receptive, nothing will work.

Which attachments do you recommend?

It really depends on your personal preference. The most popular four are included in the Sybian package. Abco makes a variety of attachments in a variety of sizes. They are designed to stimulate different areas of pleasure or give a different feel. The GMax is very popular and is designed to massage the GSpot, or front area of the vaginal wall. The RealLike covers come in three sizes and have a realistic penis appearance. The Large is slightly larger than the average male penis. The XLarge is for those wishing a more full feeling. The Jumbo is reserved for those capable of, and wishing too, insert quite large objects. These covers are made to fit over the Medium Insert or Double Insert. Many women like anal insertion and the Double is designed for them. The Double is designed so any of the covers can be put over either part that inserts.

Is the Sybian very noisy?

Sybian motors do not make much sound but the movement of vibration does. When turned up to a high RPM it would NOT be considered quiet. The secret is to not turn vibration all the way up and leave it at a high speed. The upper speeds should be used as a change of pace for a brief moment. It should be noted that vibration does transfer down through a wood structure if it is not placed on a well-padded surface e.g. a carpet with a good pad or place the Sybian on a foam mat. The purpose of the padding is to absorb the movement that is transferred down through the base of the unit.

I am allergic to latex. Might this be a problem for me?

There is no latex in Sybian parts. All inserts are made of a material known as Dynaflex which is a TPE Compound and Kraton. No allergic reactions have ever been reported.

What about the orgasms, are they different?

Most women experience orgasms that are more intense than they ever had before. Some who have never experienced an orgasm do so for the first time while using Sybian. Women who had been singularly orgasmic can become multiply or poly orgasmic. Nearly all will become much more responsive during intercourse.

Is there an age restriction?

We will not rent the Sybian to anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18 then please leave the site.

Can anyone rent the Sybian?

We do not recommend that the Sybian is used by individuals with the following conditions: pregnancy, IUD in place, heart conditions or seizures.

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