Sybian Benefits:

The following detailed explanation was written by the American developers of Sybian:

The Sybian instructs: Sexual response and orgasms are learned behaviour. Many women do not have the opportunity to realise their full sexual capacity. But with Sybian’s completely controllable stimulation – from gentle to intense – it is now possible to develop your orgasmic potential. Multiple orgasms experienced with Sybian translate into multiple responses with your partner.

The Sybian satiates: Whenever you want pleasure and for as long as you desire, Sybian is there.

The Sybian substitutes: When you choose not to have a partner or when a partner is unavailable. Sybian is the answer – without risk. Unlike any other sexual device you may have seen, Sybian approximates the male form. It is mountable and can continue stimulation indefinitely.

The Sybian enhances: Sybian is the most sophisticated, permanent sexual aid available. It provides varied stimulation and maximum pleasure. Couples can use it as a prelude to intercourse or as an extension of their lovemaking.

The Sybian relaxes: You will be refreshed and relaxed as Sybians vibrating, massaging movement reduces and relieves tension.

The Sybian intensifies: Therapists have long understood that increased sexual participation intensifies sexual responsiveness. As Sybian trains and increases response, your passion will grow.