Easter Offer 2018 from Sybian Pleasures


At this time each year, Sybian Pleasures makes its Special Easter Offer to all Easter Bucks and Bunnies !

Our Seasonal Gift is simple…… We are offering you the opportunity to receive a Sybian Consignment on (or slightly before) Thursday 29 March 2018 and to keep it until it is collected on an agreed weekday 14 days later (circa Thursday 12 April 2018).

As this notice is late, we are also going to allow you to have the same pricing offer for any order placed which has an initial delivery date on any day during the month of April 2018.

This Offer is for a total of 14 Days and nights, which we are making available at our usual charge for 7 days rental – i.e. £125 (VAT exempt). As usual, you will need to add the cost of courier carriage to and from your preferred address. This is at the reduced figure of just £8.50 in each direction – for most destinations on the UK mainland.

If you would like any additional attachments, these are also available at the usual rental or purchase price shown on our website (£22.50 to £29 [rental] . Should you wish to purchase any attachments, these may be bought for the appropriate retail price (£45 to £58) – subject to availability.

Should you wish to take up this offer, all you need do is to reply by e-mail to info@sybianpleasures.co.uk , or to send a text to 07810 505059 – commencing with the words “Sybian Offer”. We will then make the necessary arrangements with you. Payment would need to be made (at the latest) by midnight on the date which falls 2 days before you wish your Sybian to arrive. Payment should either be to our PayPal account, via enquiries@sybianpleasures.co.uk . or by a Bank to Bank Transfer. If you would prefer the latter option, please call or e-mail us for our Bank Details.

Whether you decide to take advantage of this Special Offer or not, we would like to wish you a Very Happy Easter !!