Special Easter Offer 2020

14 Days for the Price of 7 !

At this time each year, Sybian Pleasures makes its Special Easter Offer to all Easter Bucks and Bunnies !

Our Seasonal Gift is simple……  Sybian Pleasures is offering you the opportunity to Rent a Sybian for 14 days and nights for the price of 7 (while stocks are available) – this is available for any rental, so long as it includes Easter (Good Friday 10 April to Easter Monday 13 April 2020).

Please book this offer in advance – as deliveries may be late if they are not booked to arrive on or before the Wednesday before Good Friday (8th April – to avoid any delays in deliveries over Easter).

So, 14 Days and nights for £125 (VAT exempt).  As usual, you will need to add the cost of courier carriage to and from your preferred address. This is just £10 in each direction (making a total of only £145) for most destinations on the UK mainland.  (Delivery and Collection must be on a weekday).

If you would like any additional attachments, these are also available at the usual rental or purchase price shown on our website (£22.50 to £29 [rental] or £45 to £58 [purchase])- subject to availability.

Should you wish to take up this offer, all you need do is to reply to to ChasLWhitaker@hotmail.co.uk  or send a text to 07810 505059 – commencing with the words “Sybian Easter Offer 2020”.  We will then make the necessary arrangements with you.

Whether you decide to proceed with a Sybian Rental or not, we would like to wish you a Very Happy Easter  – and hopefully a Healthy and Successful remainder of 2020 !!