What is a Sybian?

The Sybian is an American made machine that can take women to a much greater height of sexual satisfaction. This includes those women that may never have experienced an orgasm before. For those that have, you can expect a much more intense orgasm and you may be able to become multi or poly orgasmic. The Sybian can take women to new heights of sexual gratification, that they had not even dreamt was possible. The Sybian is new to the UK and has been made famous in the US by the radio host Howard Stern. If you are over 18 please enter the Sybian Pleasures website to see the many benefits of renting a Sybian from us, including video links of girls riding the Sybian.


Sybian Pleasures is one of the few companies in the UK that offers a Sybian rental hire service. You can now purchase Sybian Rental directly from our on-line shop. Sybian Pleasures specialises in renting out Sybian orgasm machines – please click on the rental request page or the contact page to get in touch with Sybian Pleasures.


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